Welcome to Wesley Church! We welcome you every Sunday and all throughout the week to explore a living relationship with God! Wherever you are on the faith journey, come as you are to find out who this Jesus person is.

We seek to know who God is from the Bible. We at Wesley Church worship God through music, prayer, and in acts of service to people like you and me! No one here is perfect, but we are open to the transforming work of God in our lives through the Holy Spirit. Come and see what our fellowship is all about as we meet for Bible study, play basketball and volleyball, and explore fresh creative ways to express our faith in Jesus Christ!

We welcome you to our house of worship as we seek together the will of God for our lives. May you find people here who are loving, joyful, and fun to be around! You are invited to join us in the story of God saving the world and bringing everything on earth back to its good intention.

Again, welcome. Hope to see you soon!

Pastor Tim Huang

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